It’s summer soon !

August 2, 2009

SUmmer is coming soon, really feels like going out for nice swimming all days long 😀 emm, but the sun is really getting to hot these days ! No kidding, getting real hot, guess mankind gonna start taking real actions in fighting the green house effect, else we’ll be living in burning earth soon 😦

Well, in the meantime, I’ll just get some lotion for my skin protection…it’s money again 😛 Am I contributing to economy ? Bet u, I am spending, I am consumer getting the economy to goes on for the country ! Hell ya !


Will it be good for web user ?

August 1, 2009

well, been long using google search, now with yahoo and microsoft coming together , will it be truly good ? Not sure for now, as google has been pretty long dominating the web search. Let’s hope Bing will do some good in near future.

Bing seems to be looking good, with early success of it’s launch. But google is also keep on its toe. Gonna be a long fight I guess.

Hello world!

August 1, 2009